The best companies to work for as rated by Black employees

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Black employees at Apple, Bank of America, Capital One and Starbucks give high marks to the workplace culture at the companies, according to a report from Glassdoor that offers a sense of how minority workers are faring at some of America’s best-known corporations.

The analysis of company ratings and ethnicity appears at a time when major companies, including Microsoft, Wells Fargo and Salesforce, have publicly vowed to increase diversity hiring and make their workplaces more welcoming to workers of color. Glassdoor researchers said their report, released Thursday, highlights companies that are making good on their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Of the 28 companies analyzed in the report, Apple scored the highest rating, 4.2 out 5.0, from employees who self-identify as Black or African American. About 9% of the California tech giant’s workforce is Black, according to company data from 2018. Bank of America got the second-highest score at 4.0, followed by Starbucks and Capital One (both 3.9).

Employees rated the companies based on how equitable they think their pay practices are, opportunity for promotion and other criteria.

“A stark reality of workplace culture is that not all employees experience culture in the same way,” the Glassdoor report states. “The experiences of different demographic groups inside companies — employees of different races/ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientation and more — are not all the same.”

Bank of America said 45% of its U.S. workforce are people of color, of which 13% are Black. At Starbucks, Black Americans represent 8%of the total workforce, according to 2020 data. Black men and women made up 6% and 14%, respectively, of the total workforce at Capital One in 2019.


Last modified: 02/27/2022

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